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Creative Writing Prompts on Writing Maps
Writing Maps Gifts for Writers

Set of All 29 Writing Maps: Save 25%


The full set of Writing Maps. Order all 29 Writing Maps and save 25%.

Inspiration for every situation. Prepare to be inspired at home, on your commute, and wherever your travels and imagination take you.


  1. City of Inspiration: Writing Prompts for Writing in Cafes, Parks, Galleries and by Water
  2. Writing the Love: Writing Prompts for Lovers in Galleries, Parks and Cafes
  3. Writing People: A Writing Map for Crowded Places
  4. Write Around the House: Writing Prompts to Explore the Rooms We Inhabit
  5. The Character Map: Writing Prompts to Explore Characters in Fiction & Memoir
  6. My Writing Life: Charting Your Life as a Writer
  7. Writing Art: Writing in Galleries and Museums
  8. The Café Writing Map: Writing Prompts for Cafés, Bars, Bistros, and Pubs 
  9. Writing Things: Writing About Objects and the Things We Carry
  10. Write By the Sea: A Writing Map for Sandy Places
  11. The Voice and Point of View Writing Map
  12. Write Up Your Street: A Neighbourhood Writing Map
  13. The Big Gay Writing Map: Story Ideas for Anyone Who's a Little Bit Different
  14. How to Write a Story: A Writing Map to Help You Hunt for and Create Stories
  15. Writing the Family Album: A Writing Map Inspired by Sergei Dovlatov's book Ours
  16. Write Around the Bookshop: Writing Prompts in the Company of Books
  17. Writing the Body: A Writing Map from Head to Toe
  18. How to Turn Food into Words: A Writing Map of Magical Eating
  19. How to Turn a City into Stories (formerly The Peckham Writing Map)
  20. Write Over the Top: A Writing Map to Fabulous Stories. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland
  21. The Description Writing Map: An Inspirational Workout for Writers
  22. Write Through School: A Writing Map from Classroom to Staff Room
  23. The Raw Soul Food Map: A Stress-Free Introduction to a Healthier Life
  24. Writing with Fabulous Trees: A Writing Map for Parks, Gardens and Other Green Spaces
  25. 12 Doable Writing Projects
  26. Quiet Writing: A Mindful Approach to the Writing Life
  27. Rewilding the Page: The Urban Forest Writing Map
  28. Taking Your Words for a Walk: A Day of Stories Inspired by Virginia Woolf
  29. So, What Do You Do? A Writing Map for Makers and Craftspeople

If you'd like to start with smaller sets of Writing Maps, you could try: The City Inspiration Set, The Craft Set, and The Intimate Inspiration Set.

NOTE: Some content not suitable for writers under 16.