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About Writing Maps

SHIPPING UPDATE (August 2022): Orders from here in Spain can take anywhere between two weeks and two months to arrive, but the mail is reliable and no Writing Maps have gone lost in the post. I generally ship within 48 hours (the post office is just around the corner) and the maps will arrive, I promise! If, however, you'd like to add tracking to your order, which costs an extra €15, please email me before placing your order.

Hi, I'm Shaun Levin and I make Writing Maps. I'm also a writer and creative writing teacher. You can see more about my books here and join my creative writing classes here.

About Writing Maps

Writing Maps are portable and practical creative writing guides. Each illustrated Writing Map contains at least 12 extended and thought-provoking writing prompts that will help you explore places, people, characters in fiction, the writing process, and life in general. Inspiration in your pocket wherever you go.

Writing Maps are devised to make the craft and practice of writing both fun and relevant to your life.

Things to do with Writing Maps:

  • create new stories or use them to expand your work
  • take them with you when you’re out and about, on the train, bus or plane
  • use them at home, at your desk, or in a café
  • use them in a writing group or on your own
  • use them as a teacher to inspire students
  • pick a prompt a week and write a short story
  • combat writer’s block and increase curiosity
  • repeat and adjust exercises to start new stories

No need for complicated how-to guides. These maps will get you writing right away. Guaranteed!

Writing Maps are created to suit writers of all genres and levels. Fiction and non-fiction writers, poets, bloggers, travelers, and adventurers of all kinds have found inspiration through Writing Maps. The maps are devised to inspire stories, spice up your writing routine, expand your work, develop work-in progress, and make sure you have writerly fun in ways that'll surprise you.

At the moment there are 29 different Writing Maps in the collection.


What people say about Writing Maps:

  • “excellent writing tools as well as being quite beautiful”
  • “a brilliant gift for any writer”
  • “We’re off to France and I’m taking them with me”
  • “brilliant for help during my degree”
  • “Truly creative!”
  • “original, useful, inspiring, fun”
  • “your exercises are insightful and intriguing”
  • “They are pinned to the wall above my desk”

From Shaun Levin, the creator of Writing Maps:

Shaun Levin by Ajamu X"These maps grew out of my own practice as a writer, as well as out of the courses and workshops I've run over the past 20 years. Together with some exceptionally talented illustrators, my aim is to create a source of inspiration that draws on my love of writing and the ways it enriches and intensifies our engagement with the world around us. I'll write anywhere... in cafés, parks, art galleries, zoos, cemeteries and libraries. Then, like a magpie, I'll bring everything home again to work into a novel or short story. I hope these maps inspire and surprise you, and that you'll use them to deepen your love of writing."

A gift of inspiration. No more writer's block. Never be at a loss for something to write about. Inspiration to carry with you wherever you write.

Writing Maps have been featured in Time Out London, and been on recommended gift lists in The Independent and The Observer newspapers.

PLEASE NOTE: Most Writing Maps are devised with adult writers in mind. Some maps have content not appropriate for writers under 16. Recommended Writing Maps for younger writers include: The City of Inspiration Writing Map and the How to Write a Story Writing Map.