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The A3 Press & Review

The A3 Press launches in March 2019 with these five titles
  • the abyss of the other by Cecilia Cavalieri
  • Palatable by Solange Leon Iriarte
  • The Unit by Jason Jackson
  • My New Car by Alan Sincic
  • MASH by Lena Ziegler

The shortlisted titles include:

  • Refolding The Map by Guy Biederman
  • I Know What Life Is Like Because I Am Living by Olivia Blyth
  • Twelve Things She Hates by Deborah Fried-Rubin
  • Futuralogia by Elancharan Gunasekaran
  • Talk to Me by Len Lukowski
  • Neighbor, Neighbor by Alex Sarrigeorgiou
  • Intertwined Stories by Paola Tavoletti
  • To My Friend Terri by Mira Tudor