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The A3 Review, Issue #11

The A3 Review, Issue #11


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What would you like your cat to do when you die? There's a poem about that in Issue 11. Also stories and poems about: a carpenter, echoes of Virginia Woolf, New York street art, gallery signs in Vancouver, a prose poem inspired by Submittable, and more


  • Guest Interview with J A Mortram
  • Peter Bethanis
  • Jacqueline Dodwell
  • Kathryn Dohrmann
  • Valerie Fox
  • Deborah Guzzi
  • Kaleem Hawa
  • Allissa Hertz
  • Claire Lawrence
  • Lauren Leach-Steffens
  • Welton B. Marsland
  • Thom Waite
  • Emly Webb
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