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The A3 Review, Issue #7
The A3 Review, Issue #7

The A3 Review, Issue #7


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Issue 7 is about as varied as you can get! Read about a boy scout who's unprepared, a nun who steals, a teacher who learns, and some deliciously dirty people. These stories and poems go from whale bones and shrimp to the moon and space, and some complicated earthly relationships in between.

Issue 7 will be published in mid October 2017. Pre-order you copy now.

Contributors include:

  • Guest Contributor: Kathy Fish
  • Susanna Baird
  • Lucy Durneen
  • Stephanie Goldberg
  • Don Hogle
  • Courtney McDermott
  • Megan Merchant
  • Sylvia Onorato
  • Laura Potts
  • Philip Rudich
  • Diane Sahms-Guarnieri
  • Chloe Seim
  • Alan Walowitz

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